How Your Tailgating Party Can Go From Boring to WOW with the 100% Free

"The Tasty  Tailgating Cookbook"

In this book you will have some of the best tailgating recipes and checklists found and any one book,  just look:

  • How to make a glaze from BBQ Sauce and a few other ingredients for Chicken Breasts... page 8
  • Pork Chops with Italian Dressing or Lime and Honey or Snow Peas
  • The Secret to 12 Minute Ribs revealed on ...... page 7
  • Stuff your burger with..... page 14
  • How to grill a pizza..... page 15
  • Savory Salmon and Shrimp recipes to please
  • How to turn a pretzel into a crunchy sweet hot appetizer you'll die for especially after you add this secret ingredient .... pg 1
  • The 7 Ingredients to make a rub, that you already have in your cupboard, for pork, chicken or beef 17
  • Interesting Football Facts throughout the book

and much, much more....

The Tasty Tailgating Cook Book

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